Steve Olsher Business Accelerator Webcast

Reinventing Leadership for Small Business: What Is Your WHAT?

Want to become a better leader? Watch this highly engaging, interactive webcast. New York Times best-selling author Steve Olsher (“What Is Your WHAT?”) shares cutting-edge tools, tactics and strategies for reinventing the role of today’s executives in our rapidly changing, globalized culture.

Key topics include:
*Identifying your company’s WHAT – that is, the ONE thing your company was created to do.
*Tapping into your employees’ innate abilities to achieve maximum performance.
*Creating a collaborative, press-worthy initiative your employees develop and cultivate.
*Leveraging technology to advance your cause, core values and company goals.

Value to viewers:
Audience members will gain a greater sense of how to become inspired, focused leaders who foster an empowered corporate culture, team camaraderie and optimal role placement.

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